Villa Kalli


Villa Kalli was named so after the eldest and the youngest members of the Spanakis’ family, Mrs. Poppi (short for Kalliope) and her grand-daughter, little Kalli. But what does the name mean?


From Wikipedia

In Greek mythology, Calliope (/kəˈlaɪ.əpiː/ k-ah-ly-ah-pee; Ancient Greek: Καλλιόπη, Kalliopē "beautiful-voiced") is the muse who presides over eloquence and epic poetry; so called from the ecstatic harmony of her voice. She is spoken of by Ovid as the “Chief of all Muses”. She was sometimes believed to be Homer's muse for the Iliad and the Odyssey. The Roman epic poet, Virgil, invokes her in the Aeneid.

Calliope is usually seen with a writing tablet in her hand. At times, she is depicted carrying a roll of paper or a book or wearing a gold crown.

The Italian poet, Dante Alighieri, in his Divine Comedy, makes reference to Calliope:

Here rise to life again, dead poetry!

Let it, O holy Muses, for I am yours

And here Calliope, strike a higher key

Accompanying my song with that sweet air which made the wretched Magpies feel a blow that turned all hope of pardon to despair.

(Dante, Purgatorio, Canto I, lines 7 to 12)


Feels like home!

Simple and modern in its contours, earthly and visually attractive in its colors, Villa Kalli was designed to align with the rural surroundings as well as the local climate: spacious areas inside and outside, plenty of openings that allow the unique Cretan light to intrude from different sides during the daytime, offering you different views (towards the hills, towards the crops, towards the sea and town), relaxation points, contemporary facilities and full privacy.


Pick your lemon from the lemon trees!

Giorgos and Poppi will be around whenever needed to make sure that you’re enjoying your stay! And maybe bring you some freshly-cut organic tomatoes and cucumbers for a proper Greek-salad!



Villa Kalli was built between 2013 and 2015, designed as a family house, however to be used as a unique homely tourist accommodation, offering a variety of facilities and the highest level of services. It stands in 3 levels (250 m2) within a 1-acre property which is planted with olive, orange and lemon trees. The area is sparsely built with villas but from a small distance from the villages Adele, Platanias and Maroulas: when staying in Villa Kalli you can enjoy the privacy and tranquility you need when on holidays, all the comforts of a modern house, the relaxing atmosphere of the unique Cretan landscape, and the pleasures of a seaside touristic destination at the same time.


Inside Villa Kalli

Main Floor The main house entrance takes you into the main common areas of the house: the living-room (its balcony facing the alley), the dining-room, the WC, the Pink double-bedroom and the kitchen which can also be reached by the secondary house entrance. An indoor wooden spiral staircase leads you both to the top and the ground floor.

Top Floor As you go up on the top floor, you reach the sitting-room area, perhaps the sunniest part of the house, with doors leading both to the small balcony (facing the town and the swimming pool and BBQ areas at the rear of the house), and to the large terrace with outdoor furniture and a majestic 180 view towards the town, the hills and the alley. On the same floor there’s a little laundry-room, the main Green double-bedroom with its private balcony (with view towards the town, grocery garden and windmill), the Blue single-bedroom and the grand bathroom.

Ground Floor Descending the same staircase will take you to the ground floor. This can be isolated and treated as an entirely separate house, with its own kitchen, living-room, three double bedrooms, bathroom, and front yard with a little garden and parking space for 1 car. It can also be accessed from the secondary gate, providing absolute privacy!

Outdoor Area At the rear of Villa Kalli, away from the eyes of a passerby, there is the swimming pool area, with sun beds, umbrellas and shower, but also the BBQ space, fully equipped with its own dining table and chairs. 

You can access the property via the main gate facing the alley. As you enter, there is the big front yard, paved with concrete bricks and decorated with flowers and grass islets, as well as parking space for up to 2 cars.